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Customer Testimonials

At MYDFXPro, we believe that our customers are our greatest asset. Here are some real customers sharing their experience with our gyros & fitness products.

What do our Customers have to say?

  • Have used these for our gymnasts for years. Best exercise for making wrists strong
    Tye Hair
  • I'm a PT and have my patients buy these all the time. I love this product for my arthritic wrists from so many years of body work!!
    Sherry Brourman
James Jones // Climber & Snowboarder
"Hey just wanted to drop by some love! I'm so stoked about what the powerball has been doing for my rock climbing training regimen AND the Dynamax Core Trainer was the reason snowboarding came as a breeze last season. After the season is over I don't do as much conditioning so once it starts back up again I'm hella sore the first couple of sessions but last year it was a breeze. Ive gotta get my hands on the Platinum Gyro next Thanks again!!"
CHP Staff Law Enforment & Tactical Gear
"Joining the ranks of the California Highway Patrol is a long, grueling road, consisting of more than 1,280 hours over 27 weeks of intense, military-style training and education. More than one-fourth of all recruits quit before graduation day. Their motto is "The more you sweat, the less you bleed." We are excited to provide the the training tools that Fitness Professionals recommend for the most advanced conditioning of hand and grip strength, increasing control, building accuracy and improving overall endurance"
Mary Brant
"I got it! I'm doing it! ... Sorry, I didn't mean to get so exited. I watched the video that you sent. I can feel it from my thumbs to the top of my shoulder . I've got the resistance and I've got it going. I did exactly what they showed me with the cord and I did exactly what you said and exactly what they showed... I mean oh, I'm so excited. IT'S WORKING! I'm doing it. Thank you!"
Jim CowanArmwrestling Champion
"I got this Powerball and the concept is pretty simple. The ball inside spins and rotates creating resistance. And thankfully this grips on here because this thing really gets going. I like to work out with my gyro and keep it rotating closer to my body so I’m working out my forearms more than anything else. This is super great for your wrists and fingers and you get a really nice workout for your hands. You can even switch hands and continue your motion, I dig it, it works the you know what out of your arm! Me personally, I try to fire up my arms and i work it so fast that it almost burns my fingers a little, it’s pretty cool."