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Get a Grip squeeze ball


Buy 1 Trigger Master and get this for only $2.00!

Get a Grip Squeeze ball is the most effective way to maintain the health and conditioning of the hand and fingers allowing flexibility and preventing hand injury.

The micro base fill provides a more comfortable ergonomic feel. The double lining and natural latex material provides extra durability and prevents breakage.


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3 reviews for Get a Grip squeeze ball

  1. Annell Davis

    I’ve had these for a while now. Just like the product says, these are unbreakable! This helps me with my carpal tunnel mainly when I’ve had too much desk work. It really relieves the pain and tension in my fingers. Will definitely recommend it!

  2. Gabriella Hoover

    I’ve been doing painkillers when my arthritis starts to hit me. And it doesn’t last long. So I switch to Get a Grip squeezeball. Unlike other types of stress balls, this can handle a lot. I can squeeze them as hard as I can when I’ve had too much pressure on my hands and wrists, and it maintains their free movement and does not break. I’ve been trying it for weeks already and it does its magic!

  3. Julio Casten

    These balls are perfect for use to strengthen my hand after surgery. It feels so soft and it has a sort of powdery texture in it.

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