Kyle McDaniel


DFX Pro Staffer and Pro ATV racer Kyle McDaniel has been riding for over 13 years.  Kyle’s approach to racing is to never give up and to always race to his full potential.

Here is what Chris has to say about his DFX products:

“I have been racing ATV’s for about five years. I am a smaller guy and my grip and forearms have always been a downfall for me. I would get arm pump and lose hand strength. After using my DFX Sports Pro I have seen a BIG difference and my endurance is a lot better. I don’t get arm pump anymore and I can ride a lot longer without having to take breaks to give my arms rest. I also broke both wrists (one in 2007, the other in 2010) and had screws put in both of them. It helps me relax my wrist and also warms it up. I am also a firefighter/EMT and it has helped with my strength and control.”

He has raced the Road Runner Off-Road, D-38 desert series, and WORCS series. He raced Sportsman ATV in the 2007 Baja 500, as well as the 2008 SCORE series. The SCORE Series includes the Baja 250, Baja 500 and the Baja 1000.   Kyle is also a certified EMT-B in San Diego County .