Korbinian Kern


World-Class Climber & Mountaineer

DFX Pro Staffer Korbinian Kern is a climber and mountaineer based in Bavaria, Southern Germany. He is involved as  a  mountain guide with the DAV German Mountain Association leading other climbers into the Alps on climbing and hiking tours specializing in ice and snow conditions.  He has climbed many of the most famous peaks in the Alps (France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria) including Mont Blanc, the Alp’s highest peak. He has also climbed Kilimanjaro in Kenya, and participated in the Dhaulagiri Circle Expedition in Nepal.

Here’ is what Korbinian had to say about the Dynamax Core Trainer:

“The Dynamax Core Trainer is a main component in my daily workout. It is so easy to handle, I can take it everywhere which I demonstrated by taking it on a climb of Dachstein Mountain in Austria 2,997 m (9,832 ft) pictured right. It provides a full workout for upper body muscles, arms, back muscles etc which is so important for my sport.

Korbinian’s day job is as an engineer with Schrader LTD where he is involved in international projects developing brake system on cars. His specific project focus is with BMW, and says that driving their vehicles is a perk!