Jim Cowan


DFX Fan Jim Cowan competed in two national armwrestling events in 2011 and took home medals both times. In the 2011 USAA National Armwrestling Championships, in Las Cruces, NM, Jim competed in 4 classes, and 2 divisions. The other was the 2011 World Amateur Armwrestling Championships, in Buena Park, California.

Jim Cowan on DFX Gyros

“I got this Powerball and the concept is pretty simple. The ball inside spins and rotates creating resistance. And thankfully this grips on here because this thing really gets going. I like to work out with my gyro and keep it rotating closer to my body so I’m working out my forearms more than anything else.  This is super great for your wrists and fingers and you get a really nice workout for your hands. You can even switch hands and continue your motion, I dig it, it works the you know what out of your arm! Me personally, I try to fire up my arms and i work it so fast that it almost burns my fingers a little, it’s pretty cool.”