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Improve your game.

For basketball players, the gyroscopic resistance improves dexterity and coordination for ball handling. Increases range of motion for better follow through and stronger shots. May help with shooting accuracy. Increases endurance in the upper limbs for better ball control/dribbling and defense.

For baseball players, the gyroscopic resistance helps develop a more powerful grip, swing, and a wider range of motion for better follow through (both batting and throwing). Helps rehab even the most aggressive cases of tennis elbow and tendonitis (especially for pitchers and outfielders). Increases coordination and dexterity; helps to improve hitting and throwing accuracy/consistency.

For those in the cosmetology field, the gyroscopic resistance increases muscular endurance for stability and control while cutting, styling, coloring hair, etc. Increases grip and pinch strength, especially for using scissors or clippers. Enables you to cut and style hair much longer with more efficiency and a wider range of motion. Helps prevent carpal tunnel, numbness, and fatigue that often develops in the hands and arms of many cosmetologists. Efficiency + speed = more clients = more $$$!

For football players, the gyroscopic resistance increases grip strength, dexterity and coordination for ball handling/control, especially for running backs and wide receivers. Builds hand/wrist/arm strength and endurance for pass/run blocking, defending and tackling. Rehabilitates injuries to upper extremities, especially the throwing arm of many quarterbacks.

For golfers, the gyroscopic resistance maximizes grip strength and helps for more stabilization with your shot. Enables you to grip the club softly with more relaxed pressure and less tension, which will help to improve overall control and accuracy. Also helps aid in the pain relief and rehabilitation of golfer’s elbow, tendonitis, etc.

For MMA fighters, the gyroscopic resistance strengthens grip to help maintain control, increasing punching power and reducing the risk of injury to the hands, wrists, and arms. Improves grappling strength and muscular endurance for longer fights/matches. Increases hand speed, dexterity, and range of motion for more complex attacks and defense. Gently rehabilitates any injuries sustained to the upper limbs, which are very common in this sport.

For musicians, the gyroscopic resistance builds dexterity, coordination, and range of motion which is crucial for playing any instrument. Increases blood flow. Increases finger speed, efficiency, and endurance, especially for playing faster, longer, or more complex songs.

For power tool users, the gyroscopic resistance increases grip strength, coordination, and endurance to help complete more efficient projects much quicker. Aids in the prevention and rehabilitation of White Finger Syndrome and Raynaud’s Syndrome that is often caused by excessive usage of vibrating hand tools. These disorders may cause discomfort, numbness, tingling, and lack of sensitivity to the fingers, limiting blood flow to the upper extremities. The gyro increases blood flow to help eliminate these symptoms.

For those in rehab or suffering from repetitive strain injuries, the gyroscopic resistance aids in pain relief, prevention, and rehabilitation of carpal tunnel, arthritis, tendonitis, tennis elbow, etc. Produces an exceptional amount of resistance with very little impact. The gyro continues to help many people recover from extensive surgeries that would have otherwise left them partially handicapped or impaired. In many cases, the gyro has helped people completely avoid having to undergo extensive and costly surgery altogether.

For shooters and hunters, the gyroscopic resistance increases grip strength for better recoil management, allowing for faster follow up shots. Helps to treat and prevent shooter’s elbow. Builds muscular endurance. Increases stability and control during extensive and rigorous shooting for extended periods of time, ultimately helping to increase accuracy and consistency, especially while hunting and patiently waiting for that “trophy shot”.

For tennis players, the gyroscopic resistance builds dexterity and range of motion to help develop a more powerful swing/serve, accuracy and endurance. Helps strengthen muscles throughout the entire arm to help prevent injuries and gently rehab from current injuries (such as tennis elbow, tendonitis, etc.) with minimal impact.

For weight lifters, the gyroscopic resistance helps especially with heavy compound lifts such as deadlifts and rows. The stronger your grip, the more weight you’ll be able to control. Maximizing grip strength is crucial in order to reach your full potential in weight lifting. Your hands and forearms are the last link between you and the bar. Increases blood flow, vascularity, and muscular endurance for longer sessions. Increases radiant tension to help you get more weight and more repetitions in your set.